The Acacia Trees at Batangas Eastern Academy

These acacia trees, which are still the living icon of Batangas Eastern Academy (BEA) were classified as one of the oldest trees in the whole province of Batangas by the National Historic Commission. They used to be a part of the yard of the house owned by Celestino Javier de Villa and Mercedes de Villa Salud(Lola Dedeng), who is the founder of Batangas Eastern Academy. These trees were silent witnesses to the meetings of the Katipuneros who fought the Spaniards under General Malvar.


Diwa Learning Systems Cites Batangas Eastern Academy Students as Top Creative Writers
Diwa, one of the leading educational publishers in the country, announced this year’s winners in its two national creative writing competitions: Wordworks and Gawad Tambuli
At 75 a doctor is longest-serving active medical volunteer , a BEA Graduate
MANILA, Philippines -- He could well be the Philippines' own Albert Schweitzer, his inspiration and, like himself, a role model for generations of physicians.
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